Message from the Head of Primary

We are in the middle of yet another very busy week and it has been lovely to see so many of you attending the Sports Days that are being held throughout the week. We often hear in the media that children are not participating in enough sports or are too passive. However, for the last three mornings, we have been able to witness our students competing and participating in a bid to gain points for their House.

For our younger students, the sheer joy of taking part in running, throwing or jumping events is a delight to behold. The result is irrelevant for many and they simply rejoice in supporting and watching their friends compete or complete the event to the best of their ability. This was clearly evident as a friendship group of Year 2 children ran around the running track with a big smile on their faces chatting as they ran close to the edge of the track, so that they could high-five parents and teachers cheering them on from the side lines.

At the senior end of the school, we saw high level competition with some outstanding results all conducted with good humour and respect for each other. The parental support for everyone taking part and the friendly atmosphere at the events to date is yet another example of the special culture and community that we have at school. Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to the many parents and friends who supported this event.

Mike Wolfe, Head of Primary