Message from Head of Secondary

This year’s National Day celebrations in school were the best ever with each event somehow surpassing the previous one. Fun was had by all on this, the 47th UAE National Day with camel rides, henna painting and a souk amongst the activities available. Events such as this are testament to our school’s community serving and working together to make the day memorable, exciting and enjoyable for all.

On the subject of service, the students who have returned from, and those students who are currently at, our project site in Tanzania certainly have experienced first hand the importance of service to others. The memories of the trip will stay with them forever as will the positive feelings of making such a difference to the lives of others.

Many of our students are living examples of what Cicero, the Roman statesman, lawyer and orator, postulated two thousand years ago: “Non nobis solum nati sumus”- not for ourselves alone are we born. Their self-less attitude of giving and serving others is so encouraging.

As Sheikh Zayed famously said: “The ruler, any ruler, is only there to serve his people and secure for them prosperity and progress” and in this vein, all students are encouraged to offer acts of service to others - be it spearheading the cat food drive, helping younger students with reading, to being part of the Tanzania Team; there are multiple opportunities to be taken advantage of.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living”, and this goes some way to illustrate the importance of service here at BIS Abu Dhabi.

Brian Irving, Head of Secondary