Meet the English as an Additional Language (EAL) team

Our Student Support Assistants (SSAs) are an essential part of the team. They work with students both in and out of the classroom. They work closely with class teachers and EAL specialists and also carry out assessments across the school. Our SSA team is comprised of:

Amy comes from Aberdeen in Scotland. She’s been living in Abdu Dhabi for 3 years and enjoys writing children’s books.

Jo, Mum of 2 children, left Australia 12 months ago and has been learning how to surf.

Sama has a degree in Journalism and Sociology from City University London. She publishes poetry on Instagram and enjoys training at the gym.

Sewon has lived in UAE for 6 years and she enjoys sports and music. She studied English and Chinese in Shanghai and has experience working in global marketing.

Our Teaching Assistants (TAs) work closely with EAL specialists supporting students in lessons both in and out of the classroom. Our TA team is comprised of:

Abdul has worked at BIS Abu Dhabi for 7 years. He has many years of experience supporting children in the classroom and running intervention programs.

Claire plays a huge role in supporting our Korean community. Claire taught English programs in Korea to Primary children. She has a TESOL diploma from Canada. She offers bilingual support to children, parents and teachers and can be contacted on

Our Specialist Teaching Assistants (STAs) were educated in the UK. They have experience working in language schools and have qualifications specifically to teach English as an Additional Language. Our STA team is comprised of:

Saadia moved to Abu Dhabi two years ago from London and she’s super excited to be a part of the EAL team. Saadia was teaching parent classes last year and will continue to do the same this year.

Clayre is from Ireland and joined the EAL department last September. She has been teaching EAL students aged 3 – 18 for over ten years, in Spain and Abu Dhabi. Both Saadia and Claire have twins in school.

Head of EAL
Rebecca Dickinson

Rebecca is a qualified teacher who has been working in Primary schools for 16 years and within the GCC for 10 years. She has experience of creating and running EAL departments in 2 schools. Her role involves coordinating all EAL support in Primary and identifying students who need support. She takes care to ensure that students get the most precise amount and combination of support that they require. Rebecca is also involved in reviewing new applicants to the school and delivering training to parents and teaching staff.

Our school came 4th in an EAL Summer Competition across 30 countries which 170 schools took part in.

2 of our students reached the top ten for the highest individual scores.
Mina Choi came 6th and Min-seok came 1st. They were presented with their certificates and awards in their assemblies.



Quote from Min-seok’s Mum

“Min-seok has worked hard on his own, but he is proud and grateful for such a proud result. I'm glad to know a good and fun program like Learning Village.
We will continue to work hard.”