Making a Positive Difference Through Service Action

In November, 54 Year 10 and 12 students from the British International School Abu Dhabi will embark on a Tanzania adventure.

September and October have been months with some degree of challenge for this group of students, who have seized the opportunity to participate in the Tanzania Service Trip this year. These students have started to think about how through making a personal commitment and their actions, they could really make a positive difference to others. Challenge often doesn’t feel easy and can feel rather daunting at first, but the Tanzania Trip students have shown great courage, commitment and resilience in the last couple of months planning how they could raise funds to support the on-going project work Nord Anglia students carry out in Tanzania each year.

Students met twice a week at lunchtimes for over a month to plan their whole school campaign to raise awareness about our partner community in Arusha, Tanzania, and how we could support through a range of fundraising and learning activities across the school. They worked late into the night to plan learning resources, face painting designs, book and bake sales, sponsored inter year football/netball competitions and a sponsored walkathon in school. All activities aimed to help raise awareness of life in our partner community (as well as funds), during our whole school Tanzania fundraising week. This kicked off with a non-uniform day on the 8th October and resulted in the whole school raising a phenomenal 49,787.50 AED over a ten day period. The students’ commitment and engagement was supported by our Primary and Secondary Service Leaders and our Primary Service Coordinator, Julie Rutherford, who helped us share ideas and resources with teachers across the school, to support us reach our fundraising targets.

Not only did students plan and deliver a range of activities but, through their actions, they inspired others to contribute and take part too. Morgan Ovens in Year 7 participated in the Walkathon with Year 12 and 10 students who were walking/running the distance of the height of Mount Kilimanjaro and the distance some students would have to walk to get to school each day in Tanzania. Morgan raised a brilliant 600AED in sponsorship money independently to contribute to our partnership community. Niall Beauchamp in Year 10 finally completed the last 369m of his sponsored Kilimanjaro climb and ski this week. He has raised over 1600AED on his own (not including his excellent baking for the bake sales in school). Other students gave up their time to help paint faces, contribute food, make promotional posters, serve at the book and bake sales, wash cars and baby sit in their communities, all to support our initiative. The final total raised by students in and out of school will be well beyond the 49,787.50 AED and is a testament to how our students can rise to a challenge and work collaboratively to see the impact of their positive actions.

All money raised will go directly to our local partnership community in Arusha. Since 2014, money raised through fundraising by students in our Nord Anglia schools has built classrooms, accommodation for teachers, restroom facilities, goat sheds, smokeless stoves, installed solar panels and supported setting up sustainable means of food production among other actions. On this year’s Tanzania Trip, our students will meet with the local community and experience, first-hand, some of the hardships faced on a daily basis there. They will be able to reflect on the positive impact previous work by our students has had, and how they, too, through their work and commitment whilst in Tanzania, can make a positive contribution to the next stage of our project work in there.

We look forward to sharing photographs of our actions when we get out to Tanzania in November and want to say a massive thank you to students across the school, parents and all staff for your kind support over the past couple of months.

The Tanzania Service Team

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