Making a Positive Difference in Tanzania

Each year, students from the Nord Anglia Education family around the world, embark upon the exhilarating and worthwhile journey that is the Tanzania trip. Students on this trip participate in a variety of service projects that help to make a positive difference to the lives of people in the community of Arusha. Whilst there, students take part in numerous activities such as building fuel efficient smokeless stoves to make cooking a cheaper and safer task, constructing goat sheds so that families can have a constant supply of milk, installing solar power systems so that students are able to tap into a reliable source of light at night and much more.

The aim of the trip is for students to learn about different cultures and ways of living. The trip also highlights the importance of learning about sustainable development and living in an environmentally friendly society. Students learn key skills such as confidence-building, resilience and leadership development and teamwork.

Each year, in celebration and support of this great cause, students of the Nord Anglia School Committee organise a fundraising day. This year, Tanzania week will be launched on the 8th October with ‘Tanzania Day’. This event will last all day and will be filled with opportunities for you to contribute towards Tanzania efforts. Each student going to Tanzania has a target of $350 to raise through school-wide activities.

The whole week starting the 8th of October will be filled with plenty of events such as: Tanzania Day, a Non-Uniform Day (where students will be asked to wear the Tanzania colours) bake and book sales, face painting, sponsored activities, football matches and many other events to allow the students to achieve their fundraising target.

All students, staff and parents are encouraged to participate in ‘Tanzania Week’ and contribute towards this fundraising. Students are allowed to bring in donations all week that go towards Tanzania and to help the locals living there. Parents are also encouraged to assist with as many activities as they can.

Let’s all join together as a community and contribute towards making a positive difference to our partner community in Tanzania. The world would be a much better place to live in, if each of us acknowledges our responsibility as a global citizen and contributes a bit more to helping other.

Dhwani Venkateshwaran - Y10D