London Cultural Trip

For 3 days and 3 nights, 18 students from across Year 9, 10 and 11 enjoyed and experienced the sights and sounds of the capital of England, London. As one of the busiest and most culturally diverse cities in the world there was plenty for the students to explore; and explore they did. On the first morning there wasn’t even time for bags to be checked into the hotel before the group went exploring Covent Garden and the hustle and bustle of a traditional London market scene. Buckingham Palace, kicking autumnal leaves along The Mall and spending time in Royal Park with the ducks and geese filled most of Day 1. The evening saw students enjoy a fabulous performance of ‘The Winter’s Tale’ at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The Globe is an open-air theatre and the group enjoyed the play huddled in sheltered seats whilst others, who chose the standing option, ‘enjoyed’ typical British weather; rain followed by more rain.

A range of different cultural attractions dominated the rest of the trip. From exploring the history of the 1000-year-old Tower of London exhibition where the priceless Crown Jewels were viewed to experiencing the scariest UK attraction, the London Tombs. It was clear to everyone exactly why this had been voted the scariest attraction in the whole of the UK! Other highlights included an educational river cruise along the Thames and a close-up view of Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (that was unfortunately under renovation), and the Houses of Parliament where students discovered the history behind the UK tradition of Bonfire Night and the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

The evening attractions saw students enjoy the West End performance of The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. This long-running musical performance was met with a standing ovation by both the students and staff in attendance. Some were still singing the songs from the show on the flight home! On the final evening the students were taken on a guided ‘Ghosts of the Old City Walk.’ With only flickering street lights for visibility they were taken from graveyards to churches to old prison sites and were treated to enthralling stories of the ghostly history of London.

The 2018 London Cultural Trip was an incredible experience for all involved. The students displayed infectious enthusiasm, relentless eagerness and impeccable behaviour throughout. It was London in 2018, I wonder where the cultural trip will take students in 2019…







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