Lockdown Drill

In line with Health and Safety requirements we must conduct one lockdown drill each school year. We have reviewed our calendars and have decided to hold this drill on Wednesday 15th November 2017.

What is a Lockdown Drill?

  • The alarm will sound in a 1 minute cycle
  • Teachers, students and staff will remain in their classrooms/office
  • Doors will be locked and children will be asked to sit calmly on the floor away from the window

This will mimic what would happen in a real lockdown.

Security and the Senior Leadership Team will conduct building sweeps and then after a short period of time another cycle of the alarm will sound signifying the end of the drill.

The students will be informed prior to the drill with information on what they should do and why we do this. Parents who are expecting to be at school during academic hours are advised to ensure that they are made aware of what they are expected to do during the lockdown.