Lockdown Drill

In line with Health and Safety requirements we must conduct one lockdown drill each school year. We have reviewed our calendars and have decided to hold this drill on Monday 10th December at 2pm.

Lockdown Drill

  • Alarm is activated . The alarm is a fluctuating siren there is no audio command or fire bell, just the siren. The alarm will sound for one minute and then fall silent
  • Teachers to immediately lock doors to classrooms and windows. If students, staff or visitors are outside in the corridors, call them in
  • Security to lock all external doors. All other staff and visitors to lock the room/office that they are in
  • Blinds and curtains to be closed where possible
  • All persons to hide directly under the windows out of direct sight of the corridor
  • Keep as quiet as possible and refrain from movement and unnecessary noise
  • Remain in this position until the all clear has been given. Do not open the door to a verbal command or request, the all clear will be a repeat of the initial alarm but only 5 cycles

The alarm will be activated at 1400, after sounding for 1 minute and then going silent, selected staff will conduct an inspection of all the rooms to observe the conditions.

Once the inspection has been completed and all the inspectors/staff have reported back to the main reception, only then will the alarm sound to notify the staff that the Lockdown is over. The alarm will only sound for 5 cycles.

Your cooperation and assistance with this drill is greatly appreciated.