Student Profile: Leyla, Year 6

Our profile this week is Leyla, a student in Year 6 who has been with the school since 2017. Below Leyla gives us an introduction to herself including her hobbies and interests:

My name is Leyla and I’m in Year 6. I am 11 years old and it is my first year at BIS Abu Dhabi. I am really enjoying my time at school and everybody here is very nice and friendly.

My family moved quite a lot around the Middle East because of my dad’s work. I am from Azerbaijan, I was born there, and I lived there for 7 years. After that we had to move to Abu Dhabi where we lived for 2 years and then moved to Kuwait for 2 years as well before moving back to Abu Dhabi.

My hobbies are sports and drawing. My favourite sports are athletics and netball. I absolutely love athletics especially high jump, it is so funny that I can jump up to 120cm which is very high for me as I am only 140cm tall. In netball my position is Wing Attack and I have played twice now for Team Falcon. I love to draw, generally it makes me really relaxed, but sometimes I can get really mad if one line goes wrong.

Recently we had our Eco-Venture field trip and my favourite part was sandboarding for the first time, it was real fun. I have never tried sandboarding before and everyone was very encouraging. I want to say a big thank you to the Eco-Venture team and Ms. Clarke who organised the trip for us, without her we wouldn’t have had the event. I also enjoyed the trip because my friends were around, and we had a lot of fun getting sand all over us, although we did not have fun trying to get the sand off!

My favourite subjects are Art, Maths and PE. I like art because we are drawing animals and I love that because it is easy (kind of). I like maths because it makes your brain get puzzled and you solve problems which is great. PE is my favourite because I love games that involve movement, fun and running around and the teachers are really nice. I also love jumping around – I jump around all day!

Leyla, Year 6