Les Misérables

I am always amazed by the feeling generated by school productions. The actors and performers are not professional, yet school productions always seem to have a greater impact than most professional productions. It is an absolute pleasure to be part of that audience.

Les Misérables is the most ambitious production our school has undertaken, both in terms of the complexity of the show and the standards required of the performers. For example, Miss Rochelle and the orchestra have had to learn 425 pages of music!

Over 150 students are involved in the show, either on stage or as part of the backstage crew. Their efforts are supported by a talented team of staff, not just from the Creative Arts department, but others from across the school who are helping out. On top of that we have an incredible group of parents who have worked tirelessly and have brought so much to the staging of the show.

The students have been working on the production for the last 5 months. This involves after-school activities and a lot of weekends. It is now very exciting for them as they look forward to that opening night, the house lights going down and the first piece of music starting up….

The show runs for 4 evenings, from 18th to 21st March. Tickets are now on sale and I would encourage everyone to come along. The experience and the joy of seeing a show like this starring BISAD students will be something extremely special.

Patrick Horne