Language Perfect World Championships

The BIS Abu Dhabi World Language Department is excited to announce that the Education Perfect World Series 2017 in Languages is about to begin, with the Language Perfect World Championships starting at 10 am (Abu Dhabi time) on Monday 15 May.

For those who have not had the opportunity to participate in this exciting competition, the Language Perfect World Championships is a 10-day event and the perfect chance to engage our students online, compete on a global scale, and be inspired while learning languages! There are together 1333 schools participating across the globe. Students can learn and compete in 25 languages.

Last time, we had some amazing achievements and we hope that we will do at least as well or, why not? Even better this time!

All our students have annual Language Perfect subscriptions and already have automatic free access to the competition. They will take part in the competition as part of their lessons during this period, which will also act as a revision for their upcoming exams.

Students can go and see their language teacher if they are not sure of their login details.

We encourage all our students to participate in the competition during their break times and at home as well. However, remember to take a rest as the game can be addictive!

Go BIS Abu Dhabi! Good luck to all.

We hope to see some fantastic results and above all, plenty of enjoyment!

The Languages Department.