Language Perfect Northern Championship 2018

The competition is now over and BIS Abu Dhabi finished 1st in the world. Well done to all our students.

Here are a few highlights:
We’re 1st in Latin and English EAL, 2nd in Arabic, Greek, Indonesian and Maori; 3rd in Italian and Malay. 4th in German, 5th in French and 11th in Spanish.

Individual performances are also incredible and language teachers are very proud. In the first 24 hours they reached 66 awards with 1 Emerald award (over 5000 points) for Junha Jeon. We also have 2 gold awards with more than 3000 points for Hanlei Gao and Joshua Khairullah.

Its not just our secondary students, who are really engaged, our primary students can’t stop either! They have been competing hard during their lessons, but also at break and lunch time.







👏🏼🏆 Well Done BIS Abu Dhabi!

The Language Department