Kenken International Championship 2017

We would like to invite BIS students to participate in the Kenken International Championship 2017, GCC’s largest mathematical puzzle competition. Last year we had 7 students qualify for the National Level, out of which 1 student came 8th all over UAE! This year we would like to top that performance with a lot more student participating in the championship.

Kenken is a grid-based numerical puzzle that uses the basic Math operations— addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and also challenges one’s logic and problem-solving skills. Simply put, Kenken is a more complex version of Sudoku.

Kenken International Championship is the first of its kind mathematical puzzle competition in UAE, which provides an opportunity for students to put their puzzling acumen against each other. The competition is divided into 4 stages: School Round, Emirates Round, National Round and the International Round. The International Round will take place in New York! 7 winners from UAE will get a free trip to New York.

For more information on the championship structure please visit the website:

Playing Kenken puzzles is a wonderful activity for students to get into; as practising these puzzles will help them boost their numeracy skills. Kenken puzzles are also a powerful tool to build problem-solving aptitude, perseverance and stamina in students. Plus, the Kenken International Championship is the perfect motivation to get into Kenken puzzles and competitive puzzling.

The registration fee is AED 100 (one-time fee), which is inclusive of a Kenken practice booklet.

If your child would like to sign up to the Kenken International Championship 2017 by please submit the Registration Form along with the fee to the respective class tutor no later than Thursday, 27th April 2017.