Kenken Emirates Round of Championship

We’re proud to share some great news from the KenKen Championship – 7 BIS  students have gone past the Emirate Level (Abu Dhabi) and are now moving onto the National Level.

Beginning in 2010, the KenKen tournament is held in New York every year in December and is the world’s biggest mathematical puzzle competition.

There were 1197 participants from Abu Dhabi and only 196 were selected to go through, so it is a really fantastic feat. If our students get past this round they will then travel to New York to represent the UAE in the KenKen International Championship.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Caleb Toronto
  • Alexander Titchener
  • David Sanz Lozano
  • Sara Hanna Alli
  • Diksha Jain
  • Aravind Harish Kumar
  • Kamilla Ariffianti

The National Level Round will take place on the 22nd of October, in the New campus of Amity University, Dubai International Academic City.