Juilliard Creative Classroom - Dance

This week the Physical Education Department welcomed Salla Saarikangas, our Dance Specialist from the Juilliard School of Performing Arts School in New York to BIS Abu Dhabi for her annual visit.

Salla arrived with a full programme of dance that included lessons taken from the Juilliard Creative Classroom, a teacher’s online website dedicated to dance material for Nord Anglia staff. In Year 7 students were introduced to Sensory Slo Mo, where students were experimenting with their spine and torsos as a central impetus for their movement. This JCC lesson was inspired by the work of Shen Wei, taken from Re – (III). In Year 4 students were introduced to ‘Something Wild’ inspired by Merce Cunningham’s – RainForest. Students explored a variety of directions, levels, movement dynamics and space. In Year 3 students were introduced to Flamenco dancing, which had been inspired from Salla’s previous visit. In Year 2 students were introduced to Hip Hop dance whilst Year 1 started their creativity dancing high and low with a chiffon scarf. The main focus for the visit from Juilliard was to observe the delivery of the Juilliard Creative Classroom by the female PE teaching staff and to discuss the development of this new and exciting resource as we move into the second year of the partnership.

As always Salla is impressed by the dedication of the PE team. They have an open mind to teaching dance and a desire to get the best physical movement and reflection from the students. Because of the success in how the PE team have delivered and worked with the Juilliard Creative Classroom. BIS Abu Dhabi is the lead example across all Nord Anglia Schools for dance within PE.

Gaynor Heptinstall – Lowe

You can see more pictures here.