İstanbul'dan İyi Öğleden Sonra!

I’m hoping that Google Translate hasn’t let me down and the above says “Good afternoon from Istanbul” for this is where, as part of an international team of educators, I am currently accrediting a school and helping their school communities on their learning and improvement journeys.

Schools don’t become ‘outstanding’ overnight. Only through cycles of critical self-evaluation, self-reflection and improvement planning do schools ‘get better’. In the best international schools, this is seen as the norm within an embedded culture of constantly seeking to improve and is certainly the case here at BIS Abu Dhabi where we strive to ‘Be Ambitious’ in everything we do.

Our students in Secondary are ambitious, and we are ambitious for them. Last week we began our series of fortnightly seminars for students who are interested in studying Medicine at university. This increasingly popular and ultra-competitive course requires students to plan, with surgical precision (!), their personal experience, qualifications and CV well in advance of their university submission. The aims of the seminars are to advise students on how to best prepare for their application, give them a taste of medical ethics and to delve a little into simple medical case studies. Should any parents be willing to spare an hour speaking to our prospective medics, please get in contact with me. Your direct experience and sage advice will inspire our students to be ambitious, seek excellence and be an active part of this noble profession.

So, ‘Hırslı ol!’ or ‘Be Ambitious’ in Turkish!

Brian Irving
Head of Secondary