Introduction to ADISSA sports league & BSME Games (+ trials information)

BIS Abu Dhabi is a member of the **ADISSA **sports league and the BSME international sports tournament. Our teams participate in these tournaments as BIS Abu Dhabi Team Falcon, an identity which simultaneously reflects the heritage of our host country and our high aspirations.

The Abu Dhabi International Schools Sports Association (ADISSA) involves three seasons annually:

Season 1:

Primary and Secondary Swimming; U9/U11 Girls Football; U12/U14/U16/U19 Boys Football; U12/U14/U16/U19 Girls Netball; U9 Mixed, U11 Boys/ U11 Girls/U14 Girls/U19 Girls Touch Rugby; U14 Cricket

Season 2:

Primary and Secondary Swimming; U9/U11 Boys Football; U12/U14/U16/U19 Girls Football; U12/U14/U16/U19 Boys Rugby; U12 Cricket

Season 3:

Primary and Secondary Swimming; U9/U11 Boys and Girls Basketball; U12/U14 Boys Basketball; U12/U14 Girls Volleyball; U11 Cricket; U14/U16 Badminton

Having specific sports seasons gives our students the opportunity to participate in a variety of different sports through the school year, stimulating interest, enthusiasm and expertise and encouraging a breadth of sporting experience. It has the very important additional benefit of increasing participation as players will be selected from appropriate age groups for each sport, giving everyone a chance to shine.

The ADISSA league provides well-organised regular local competitive opportunities for our students. Other schools in this league are:

Abu Dhabi International School, Al Bateen School, Al Muna Primary School, Al Mushrif Primary School, American Community School, Al Yasmina School, Brighton College, British School Al Khubairat, Canadian International School, Cambridge International School, Cranleigh International School, GEMS American Academy, Pearl Primary School, Al Raha International School, Cambridge High School.

The** British Schools of the Middle East (BSME) Games** are international multi-sport competitions for U15, U13 and U11 age groups. The ‘friendly games’ are actually keenly-contested in the ‘large-schools’ group of which BIS Abu Dhabi is a member, and involve multi-sport tournaments in sports such as Swimming, Track and Field Athletics, Football and Basketball, Volleyball. Students are selected on their ability to contribute to the quality of the squad with emphasis being given to those who can provide expertise in a number of these disciplines.

This year’s schedule is as follows:

U15 Games                 2-5 November             St Christopher’s School           Bahrain

U13 Games                 19-21 January             BISAK                                       Abu Dhabi

U11 Games              2-4 March                BIS Abu Dhabi                      Abu Dhabi

We are delighted to be hosting this year’s U11 Games which will give us the opportunity to show off our great school community and our excellent new facilities!

Our aspirations for our BSME squads involve high performance benchmarks this year, as opposed to simply being enthusiastic participants. For this reason, our trials will take place at the beginning of the school year and will the selected squads will commence training as soon as possible.

Sports Trials

At present we have the following taking place before the Eid break:


Friday September 2nd                  U11 (08:00-10:30)

Sunday September 4th                   U13 (15:00-17:30)

Monday September 5th               U15 (15:00-17:30)

Swim team

Sunday 4th of September            U16 and 16&Over            14.30 – 15.30       50m on all 4 strokes

Monday 5th of September          U12 and U14                      14.30 – 15.30       25m on all 4 strokes

Tuesday 6th of September          U10 and U11 Trials           14.30 – 15.30       50m on all 4 strokes

Wednesday 7th of September   U9 and U8 Trials               14.30 – 15.30       50m on all 4 strokes


Tuesday 6th of September          U12, U14, U16 and U19 Tuesday               15:00-16:30

The PE Department strives to provide high quality experiences and opportunities for our athletes and teams and we appreciate that your support is fundamental to the success of our programme. Welcome to the BIS Abu Dhabi sporting community and we will look forward to seeing you at future sporting events.