International Olympiad

At the beginning of this academic year, students from across Primary and Secondary volunteered to compete in the International Olympiad competition. This is a well-respected, International Competition where students from across the globe compete in areas such as Mathematics, English and Science. Hundreds of students from across schools in the UAE signed up. For months our students studied in preparation for the first round of assessments which took place last term.

BIS Abu Dhabi students achieved fantastic results across the board, with many gaining a Top 10 place across the UAE! We would like to congratulate all students who took part and completed the first round of assessments.

We would also like to congratulate and acknowledge those students who achieved a Top 3 rank across the UAE in the relevant subject below:

Manas, Year 5
Yerim, Year 5

Luca, Year 8
Younes, Year 8
Rachael, Year 9
Tamsin, Year 9
Ali, Year 8

Logan, Year 5
Muhammad, Year 9

Asaad, Year 10

These are fantastic results and a reflection of the dedication and effort all students put into preparing for these assessments.

We would like to wish those students progressing through to the second round, the best of luck!

Alan Grant
Head of Mathematics