Implementation of VAT in UAE – 1st January 2018

We would like to provide details as to the impact of VAT on both our School and on you, as a parent/guardian at our School.

The following costs / services are zero – rated and do not have any VAT cost:

-Tuition Fees: Tuition fees and curriculum-related exam fees will be zero-rated.

-School Transport: Provision of school bus transportation before and after school falls under ‘domestic passenger transportation’ and hence is exempt from VAT.

-School Field Trips: Trips which are educational and directly related to the curriculum are zero-rated.

Cost areas which will now include 5% VAT:

-Extra-Curricular Clubs & Activities: Paid after-school clubs. There are very few of these and payment is always made to the third party provider, not the school. Individual providers are responsible for informing you of any price changes. Extra-curricular activities supplied by school teachers free of cost, either during or after-hours, are zero-rated.

-Food & Beverages: Food and beverages supplied by the School catering provider, including lunch vouchers, shall be charged with VAT at the standard rate of 5%. Further details will be sent out in the coming days regarding canteen system upgrades.

Please do get in touch should you wish to discuss the above further.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you the very best for 2018.

Patrick Horne, Principal