IB Students Presentation Challenge

A group of Year 8 and Year 9 students were given an exciting opportunity into IB Chemistry.

The students were given an insight into the discoveries of the atomic structure and an indepth understanding of the electronic configuration. The selected students were invited to the presentation made by Year 12 IB chemistry students and were inspired by the learning environment that offered them high academic challenge.

The Year 12 students were equally excited about delivering their presentations to their audience, and were challenged to ensure their time keeping, and delivery of the presentation was suitable for their audience.

Hajir, in Year 9 was at the presentation and this is what she had to say.* “I enjoyed the presentation that was given to us from the IB students. There were three different ones, and in each I learned something new. They went over the basics of the atom structure and showed us diagrams, and showed us some calculations. They then went on some slightly harder topics, talking about how electrons can move between energy levels. I learnt that it is easier to remove the first electron than the second, because when one electron is removed, the others left have a stronger attraction, as the nucleus has a positive charge. It was a very good experience and I wish to get another opportunity soon.”*

Click here to view a video of the presentations