IB Graduation 2018

Invitations were sent, gowns were ordered, banners were hung, caterers were hired, flowers were arranged and speeches rehearsed. No, it’s not another account of the Royal Wedding but, in fact, our annual I.B. Graduation Night!

26 of our best and brightest students were joined by friends, families and teachers to celebrate the culmination of seven years of secondary education. The night began at sundown with the traditional breaking of fast with dates and water, followed by a mouth-watering Iftar meal. The role of Master of Ceremonies fell to Zain Khan who guided the audience through the night’s proceedings with a confidence that befits our top tier students. Speeches from Ms. Houlihan, Daniela Santos Jankovic, Lina El Rasheed and a captivating performance from Aimee Smyllie, proceeded one of the highlights of the evening: the announcements of the academic awards.

Each year a student from each Subject Group is recognized by their teachers as achieving outstanding results as well as contributing to the learning of their classmates. The words of praise spoken by the presenting teachers indicated just how highly this cohort is thought of by the school.

Mr. Horne offered some wise words to the graduates, ensuring they understood just how proud we all are of them. The main event of the night was each student’s individual celebratory walk across the stage to collect their all-important certificates . The excitement was palpable as our graduating class relished the moment when they could throw off their graduation caps – casting off their school days and showing that there is no “cap” to their learning and achievements.

Special Congratulations to award winners:
Studies in Language and Literature: Jesus Morales Garcia
Language Acquisition: Rebeca Calzada
Individuals and Societies: Balint Janecsko
Experimental Sciences: Lina El Rasheed
Studies in Mathematics: Liam Mulligan
Arts: Daniela Santos Jankovic
Academic Excellence: Liam Mulligan
Outstanding Contribution to Creativity, Action, Service: Daniela Santos Jankovic
Leadership Award: Lina El Rasheed