House Day: Tuesday 08th November

BIS Abu Dhabi will be holding its annual House Day event on Tuesday 08th November in support of our senior school trip to Tanzania.

All staff and students are encouraged to wear their house coloured shirts and appropriate shorts/trousers and trainers, this really promotes their team spirit and sets the day alight with a vibrant fun atmosphere.

A host of fantastic activities have been arranged to raise awareness of conservation and the challenges these communities face on a daily basis, with particular emphasis on the four families we support as a school.

Here is a taster of some of the fantastic activities to look forward to,

  • Climb Kilimanjiro challenge
  • Build a Recycled House
  • Water Carrying Challenge
  • Recycled Football and Games
  • And more…..

As always your support for these events is hugely appreciated and we are asking you once again to support our students in having a wonderful day by helping us collect plastic bottles (preferably the two litre cylinder kind and/or water bottles), wire coat hangers (dry cleaning) and old clothes you no longer need and any cardboard boxes/ kitchen rolls. These can be sent in with your child throughout the next few weeks and their class/form teacher will store them in preparation for the day.

In addition to the house day, we would also like your help and support with our fund raiser; ‘Notes for Notes’. This year the students have a fantastic opportunity to send a personalised note to the families we support in Tanzania.  Week commencing the 30th October the students are able to voluntary contribute to support the Tanzanian charity and in return they will receive a paper leaf to write a note and attach it to one of the four trees we will have on the day. These will then be sent with the students to Tanzania for the families to read.

We would like to take this opportunity in advance, to thank all of you for your support in making this day a complete success and ensuring that the education and development of the families we support can continue.

Mr Meehan & Mrs Harvey