House Day in FS2

FS2 enjoyed an action-packed, fun-filled day, joining in with the House Day activities along with the rest of the school. Activities included building recycled houses using cardboard boxes. They also transported water from one side of the playground to the other, as fast as possible without spilling any! This gave children an understanding of water conservation and an awareness about villagers having to walk miles for water.

Children also played parachute games, learning that they can have fun together with minimal equipment. Another activity involved learning and recreating an African song and dance, which promoted house and team building.

Children also had the opportunity to be creative by making their own finger print house colour tree.

Finally, some children used different coloured Lego to build their own houses which matched their own house colour. By the end of the day, children were more aware of life in Tanzania and also more aware of their own house teams and colours.

House Days are a great way to develop a sense of community, to understand about the world, to develop new skills and concepts, and of course have lots of funIMG_2989 IMG_3001 IMG_3005 IMG_3009 IMG_3011 IMG_3014 IMG_3020 IMG_3026 IMG_3029