Head of Secondary

It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and after having been absent following surgery (don’t try and swing a 30kg suitcase around at the airport), I can say with certainty that this is true.

The daily interactions with staff and students make working in a school such a privileged and interesting profession. From watching our younger students compete in the many Sports Days taking place this week to listening to students awaiting their mid-year assessment results with bated breath, each day is different.

This morning I witnessed the excitement of a KS3 Maths class who were trying to solve what seemed, on the surface, to be a very simple pattern problem… even I was stumped! After some time deliberating the possible answers, one student came forward and not only told us what the answer was but explained very eloquently how she had arrived at the answer. She hadn’t taken the ‘numbers’ at face value and had solved the missing link in the pattern.

By learning to think creatively, ‘outside the box’ if you will, our students are able to not only access complex concepts, but to master them! Rote learning still has its place and we certainly wouldn’t wish to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but the ability to apply learning creatively to new situations and to use higher order thinking skills will go a long way to enabling our students to both ‘Be Ambitious’ and ultimately achieve their ambitions.

Brian Irving,
Head of Secondary