Happiness Box: Hana, Year 9

I am Hana, one of the Service Leaders from Year 9, and the creator of the idea of the Happiness Box.

One day I was feeling sad and a little left out, so I began looking up some positive quotes to make me feel better. When I found one that said: “Every time the sun rises, a new hope begins.” It made me feel better because I realised, every day is a new beginning and a chance to make new friends and feel more included.

I looked for more quotes and the more I read, the more positive, hopeful and important I felt. That was the best feeling! Another time, my friend was feeling sad like I had been, so I thought about how I could help her... I wrote the quote that I had found on a piece of paper and shared it with her. After that, she couldn’t stop smiling which made me feel really happy.

I asked myself, if I can make one person happy, why can’t I make the whole school happy? That is how I had the idea for the Happiness Box. I went to see Ms. Funnell who is our Service Coordinator to share my idea with her, because the Kindness Crew are one of the Service Teams in school and it seemed like a good idea for them. When she heard the idea, she was euphoric and said what a great idea it was and that we should make it happen.

At the very next Service Leader CCA meeting, I shared my idea with all the Service Team and they thought it was a great idea too. We started to share our positive quotes and to make the boxes. The first thing that we had to do was make three boxes and that was not a ‘piece of cake’! It took us at least three of our Service CCA meetings to make and decorate three boxes and research our positive quotes. We made three, so there is a Happiness Box in Main Reception, The Hub and Primary Entrance. That way, all students, parents and teachers can share in the positivity!

As we were working, we felt happy and we were trying to finish as fast as possible! I really enjoyed that we worked as one happy family on this project and I am so pleased that we finished our Happiness Boxes and can share them with you.

If you’re having a sad moment, dip your hand into a Happiness Box and pull out a positive thought to brighten your day! 🙂

Remember you are the only thing stopping yourself from being extraordinary!

Hana, Year 9 Service Leader - with the first Happiness Box she made when she presented the idea to the Service Team