Global Campus Creative Writing Competition 2017-18

Each year, the Global Campus challenges students from across all Nord Anglia Education schools to enter the Creative Writing competition.

This year the competition is aligned to the Global Campus objectives of developing global citizenship and global mindedness.

The themes this year were chosen to compliment the work we do with UNICEF and the Global Challenge on Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and Goal 12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production). While writing about these themes, students are asked to envision what the future will look like through the lens of the two Goals - what will our world look like if these Goals aren’t met? What would our world look like if they were met?

Ages 8-11 (Years 4-6)
Theme: “Down in the dumps”
Word count: 500 words
For example, students could write about where rubbish goes/where it should go, written from the perspective of a garbage collector or a piece of garbage making its way through the waste cycle.
Another way students could write about this topic is from an emotional perspective. For example, “down in the dumps” could reflect feelings of disillusionment with their immediate environment, neighbourhood, city, or the world.

Ages 11-14 (Years 7-9)
Theme: “City of the future”
Word count: 500 words
For example, students could write a story about the city of the future from a utopian or dystopian perspective.

Ages 14-18 (Years 10-13)
Theme: We recognise how busy students in this age category are and so students can choose their best piece of creative writing written as part of their existing studies and re-edit it for submission.
Word count: no limit

To enter, students need to log onto the Global Campus online and register for the competition, as well as gain access to writing resources and to find out more about the competition.

The deadline to register for the competition on Global Campus is 9th November, and the deadline to hand in the completed entry to the class teacher is 26th November 2017.

Primary (age 8-11) submit to
Secondary students (12 – 18) submit to


The overall winners will be crowned:
• Nord Anglia Junior Writer of the Year (8-11 years old)
• Nord Anglia Young Writer of the Year (11-14 years old)
• Nord Anglia Writer of the Year (14-18 years old)

There will also be 3 highly commended winners per age category as voted for by our judges, as well as a Judge’s Choice award.

The prizes will be announced shortly.

Good luck!