FS2 - Trip to the Theatre

On Monday, our fabulous FS2 children went to the theatre to watch a production of ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’.  Managing 200 children out of school, all at the same time, may seem like a difficult task… but not for our children – They were absolutely FANTASTIC!! We couldn’t have ask for better behaved and well-mannered classes. They boarded their buses and took the exciting trip to the theatre, taking in some of the sights and singing along with their class mates. We arrived at the theatre and the children listened carefully to their adult guides, making their way to their seats. The show started and the children were engaged throughout, laughing and listening to the characters. We made our way back to school after the show and the children were full of stories and enthusiasm about what they had seen. Trips out of school provide such an enriching and memorable experience and we are already looking forward to our next one. Well done to our FS2 superstars!

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