FS2 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Our FS2 children got more than they expected during our recent Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

We all set off from our classrooms with picnic food and teddy bears in hand and made our way to the school field.  Each class took part in a range of ring games before settling down on our picnic blankets to eat our food. We enjoyed our snacks and drinks, having worked up an appetite and a thirst during our games.

The sun was shining and the heat was beginning to increase, when all of a sudden, unplanned and completely unexpected, the water sprinklers came on!  Jets of water covered all angles of the school field, including our picnic areas and it was the closest we’ve been in a while to a downpour of rain!

At first we ran for cover, but after a few splashes and sprays the children were eager to cool down, so in typical foundation stage style, we all got very wet!!

Early Years is all about grasping spontaneous and exciting moments like this and it was just amazing to see and hear the children having so much fun. The water droplets in the sunshine caused huge rainbows across the field and the children talked none-stop about their experience for the rest of the day.

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