FS2 - Creative Stay & Play Session for Parents

Encouraging Children to Play Imaginatively and Creatively!

‘Play is the cornerstone of creative learning’

Our FS2 parents are invited to join us for our ‘Creative Stay and Play Session’. The activities will take place inside the classroom and in the outdoor area.

We have lots of creative, fun activities planned for you and your child;
• Use our craft activities to create your own masterpiece to take home with you!
• Sing songs, make music and dance!
• Become engrossed in an imaginary world – play alongside your child in the roleplay area.

Sunday 14th January at 8-8:30am - FS2 A, B, C and G
Monday 15th January at 8-8:30am - FS2 D, E, F and J
Tuesday 16th January at 8-8:30am - FS2 H, K, L and M

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.
—Henri Matisse