FS1 & FS2 “2Simple” Workshop

A big thank you to all who attended our 2Simple Workshop. This was, yet again, a great way to find out about how you as parents can be more involved in your children’s learning, as well as a valuable opportunity to join our school community and make new friends.

For those of you who were unable to make it this time, here is a brief outline of what was discussed:

• “2Simple – 2Build a Profile” is our observation tool across foundation stage. It is an iPad app, used by all teachers to record the children’s learning through photographs, written information, curriculum links and next steps to work towards.
• It is quick, concise and thorough which allows us much more time with the children.
• Information is gathered about every child individually, this provides a complete learning journey throughout their time in foundation stage.
• Gaps and strengths in the children’s learning are easily identified.
• Observations are shared with parents via email on a weekly basis, as long as parents have signed up to the program.
• Parents will receive regular updates of their child’s development.
• Parents can respond to the observations and also offer their own observations from home.

Educating parents on how school systems work is very important to us and we know our workshops are gratefully received by you too! Thank you for your continued support.

Early Years Team