Fairytale Fun in FS2G

The FS2G monkey class have been learning all about fairytales for the last few weeks, so to finish off a fantastic topic they held a Fairytale Ball to celebrate.

Every child dressed up in their favourite Fairytale or hero costume and they  had a day to remember. Snack took place as a mini-banquet, complete with goblets of magical fairy juice, along with games, dancing, activities, singing and lots of fun.

Making magical memories for our young children helps them to develop motivation, a love of learning and a positive approach to school! IMG_9148 IMG_9151 IMG_9171 IMG_9186 IMG_9225 IMG_9257 Picture1 WP_20161103_09_19_05_Pro WP_20161103_09_19_49_Pro WP_20161103_09_20_07_Pro WP_20161103_09_21_39_Pro WP_20161103_09_38_38_Pro WP_20161103_09_39_12_Pro WP_20161103_09_58_25_Pro WP_20161103_09_59_51_Pro WP_20161103_09_59_55_Pro WP_20161103_10_32_34_Pro WP_20161103_10_33_32_Pro WP_20161103_10_33_57_Pro WP_20161103_10_34_53_Pro