EYFS Curriculum Workshop Summary

Many thanks to all parents who were able to attend the EYFS  Curriculum Workshop this morning, it was a wonderful atmosphere with all parents actively engaged with the discussions and learning activities.

The feedback that we have received has really highlighted how beneficial today was for you as parents, comments given made it clear that you now feel more confident in understanding our approach to teaching and learning in the Early Years and the role that you as parents play in supporting your child on this journey.

When asked today “Why do we call it the Foundation stage?” We, as your child’s educators, were excited to hear your responses, some of which included…

‘Putting the first bricks and forming the base for future knowledge’

‘Strong foundations=strong future learning’

‘Developing essential morals and values first which can then be built on’

‘Develop a love of learning that should stay with a child forever’

Starting a learning dialogue of this nature between home and school is crucial to helping your child move along their learning journey with confidence and security. Children in the Early Years learn by playing, exploring, being active and through critical and creative thinking which takes place both indoors and outdoors at school and at home. We talked today about allowing children to take risks, enquire, cooperate and communicate in their play and it is only when a partnership between home and school begins that we can fully appreciate the value in these steps for individual children. At this point we can really start to see the change in the children’s mindset towards their learning.

This was the first curriculum workshop of the year and there will be a next step to this, where we delve deeper into the 7 areas of learning and the skills, knowledge and understanding that takes place within each of these and how that looks in both FS1 and FS2.

Until we meet again we would like to leave you with a wonderful example, shared today by one of our parents, of how we help our youngest students to take their first steps along their learning journey.

“This is me, the parent (wearing a blindfold) and this is my son (a toy lion). My son thinks that he is a cat, I think that he is a cat. This is BIS FS Team (a mirror) they support and encourage my child to look at himself and his approaches to learning and life and they make him realise that he is not a ‘cat’ he is actually a ‘lion’ and should be proud and confident of who he is. Thanks to workshops like today, I can now see (takes off blindfold) and help my son to see that he is actually a lion-thank you!”

We look forward to working in partnership with you this academic year and thank you once again for valuing your child’s education.

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