Explorer Day in Year 4

On the 9th January 2018 the school was discovered by many mighty explorers in Year 4. The children found their way to school with equipment to deal with almost every climate and challenge the day would put before them. Like the great explorers they are about to become they went forward to the new challenges with open minds and sturdy hearts...

Entering new cultures is a part of any good explores repertoire and our children lived up to their namesakes. Jacque Cousteau took the children through his underwater adventures before helping them create their own periscopes, similar too how he created the first Aqualung.

Following another explorer to the Icey Pole, our children had to learn to stitch in order to create warmer clothing; as the climate was out to get them.

A warmer adventure followed as the explorers tested their stamina for new sights and sounds. Sir Ranulph Fiennes explained to the budding adventures that knowledge of new places was all around. So the children raced around the school searching and meeting new and interesting peoples.

The adventure was not limited to this Earth and Neil Armstrong blasted our heroes into space and the into the jungle and finally to the desert. This was achieved through some special NASA data and the children’s ability to use Green Screen technology.

Crashing back to this planet our explorers were met by the friendly Sacajawea. This historic figure taught out heroes about her influence and tribe as well as how to create the fabled dream catchers.

The famous Native American led our children into the desert heat but luckily they stumbled upon the brilliant survivalist Steve Irwin. In order to brave the elements together Steve and his assistant taught our children to build shelters, to protect from the outdoor conditions.

Exhausted but still curious our weary heroes met Nellie Bly. With her own knowledge from travelling around the world, she helped the children document all the places they had seen and been by creating a map of our planet. This Mod Rock Model will remain as a testament to the achievements of our child explorers and all of their success that day.

You can explore the pictures of the day on our Facebook album