Experience Juilliard

The Music department have had a very successful two days with their Juilliard curriculum specialist visit Jessica Meyer. As part of this visit, Jessica was introduced to the rest of the Music Department team, having met and worked alongside Miss James in New York in August. She observed and interacted in classroom lessons with a range of classes and Year groups. Experiencing new Keyboard development skills with Year 2, creative developments of a detective composition with Year 7 and a Blues ensemble performance with Year 8, all of which that were being delivered by our Music teachers and included links to the Juilliard approach.

Another aspect of our visit ensured that our students from Year 1 – Year 9 had the fantastic opportunity to be exposed to a wonderful interactive assembly from Jessica. Jessica is both a performer as a violist and a composer. During the assemblies Jessica performed some of her own compositions and the students discussed ways as an individual that we can express ourselves. Through the assembly, Jessica demonstrated some of her compositions that expressed emotions that she had felt at some stage in her life in a wonderful vibrant performance. Some of the highlights for the students were ‘Source of Joy’ and ‘Into the Vortex’.

Click  here…. to watch Jessica’s full concert at BIS Abu Dhabi.

I know all the students had a wonderful time meeting our Juilliard Curriculum Specialist Jessica and are already excited to be welcoming her back in February for more exciting learning opportunities.