Education Perfect Competition

There are only 2 days left to show the world what BIS Abu Dhabi is made of in the Education Perfect Competition.

Our students are doing extremely well at the moment; we are presently **ranked 1st for schools in the United Arab Emirates, and 3rd overall globally out of 120 schools! **

The students have already:
o answered over 512000 questions altogether
o spent 852 hours on the competition
o earnt over 245000 points
o learnt some French, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Latin and Dutch!

Most importantly, they have achieved: 2 Elite awards, meaning that two of our students, Owen Rice and Junha Jeon, have scored more than 10,000 points and are in the top 20 students in the world! We also scored 9 gold awards (3000pts +), 8 silver (2000 pts +), 29 bronze (1000pts +) and 86 certificates (500pts +)

Students can take part any time, anywhere, at school, at home, at the dentist... as long as there is an internet connection, there is a chance to play! There is no restriction to what language they want to try out. Students can also come at break time and lunchtime to the language department to play (click here to access the login page).

Thanks to everyone who are participating and supporting our linguists.

Good luck to all and Go BIS Abu Dhabi!