Education Perfect Competition Craze!

Last Monday at 10am BIS students had a nice surprise to start playing and learning on our popular language programme, Education Perfect.

The Education Perfect Language Northern Championship is a worldwide competition that involves 104 schools in the Northern Hemisphere, including 12 Nord Anglia sister schools.

It consists of vocabulary drilling exercises in 23 different languages available. Education Perfect is an invaluable tool for language learning (we encourage parents to give it a go!). It allows students to memorise a great amount of words in a shorter time. It is fun and engaging as for each time they write a word correctly twice they get a point. Students set themselves targets: 500 points for a Certificate, 1000 points for a Bronze award, 2000 points for a Silver award, 3000 points for a Gold award and finally 10000 points for a Elite Award.

Although the students are taking part during MFL lessons, it is amazing to see how some really make the most of it at home as well. We encourage our little linguists from year 3 to year 13 (not so little!) to compete at home as well.

The language centre and the language IT room are available at break time and lunchtime for the students to come and play during the breaks.

This competition will end on Thursday 17th at 10 am when life will go back to normal…

Here is the link to the programme:

All students from Year 3 to Year 13 have a personal account if you are unsure, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will send you your child details.

So far BIS Abu Dhabi is doing extremely well :

  • 1st out of 16 schools in  the UAE
  • 2nd out of 12 schools in the Nord Anglia league
  • 11th out of 104 schools in the Northern championship league

Some special student mentions – here are the BIS Abu Dhabi Top 5!

First NameSurnameScoreUAE positionWorld Position
Keep up the effort BIS Abu Dhabi!

The Language Department