Duke of Edinburgh's International Award: Training Day

On Monday 10th December, 44 students from Year 10 and 11 embarked on training preparing them for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze and Silver International Awards.

The training day helped the students prepare for their award, primarily one of the four sections, the Adventurous Journey (known as the ‘AJ’). Students received training in Camp Craft, Journey Purpose, Route Planning, Navigation, First Aid, Emergency Procedures, Cooking, Menu Planning and Teamwork.

The sessions were led by Mr Givens, Ms Jones, Ms Carey and Mr O’Neill who used their experience to deliver the sessions and guide the students through the different tasks. Bronze Award students had the opportunity to learn from the Silver Award students, who could share their expertise and experiences from last year and offer valuable advice and guidance. This demonstrated the caring and guiding nature of students at BIS Abu Dhabi. The cooking activity provided the students with an opportunity to observe how long it takes for water to boil and to prepare a basic pasta dish! However, there were some very good displays of cooking and all-round effective cooking by these students!

The AJ training has enabled the students to effectively plan their expeditions which take place in January - 2 days/1 night expedition for Bronze students and 3 days/2 nights expedition for the Silver students. Students are working in groups of 5-6 and have to ensure careful planning is used to complete the expedition. Every groups' expedition has a purpose to it, meaning that the students begin with a certain purpose, such as measuring the different rates of body temperature throughout the expedition, or creating a video log of feelings throughout the trip. This gives the students a ‘reason’ for doing the expedition, not just doing the hike!

In the final session, the students received training on the three other areas where they have to select a Skill, Physical Recreation and Service activity they should complete for 3 months (Bronze) and 6 months (Silver).

Quotes from the day:
Mr Givens: “Today definitely highlighted the ambitious nature of BIS Abu Dhabi’s students. Every student rose to the challenge of each activity, whether this was a teamwork activity, cooking, setting up camp or in the classroom, everyone applied themselves to such a high level. I am really looking forward to working with this amazing group of students and seeing them develop through the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.”

Ms Carey: “It was a great day with an excellent group of students. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award (DOE) is a truly unique experience, enabling students to develop a number of key skills including teamwork, communication and leadership as well as first aid, cooking and camp craft. It is these skills that will help and guide them on their DOE journey and help them deal with all eventualities. I am looking forward to working with this group of exceptional students along with Mr Givens, Miss Jones and Mr O'Neill.”

The Duke of Edinburgh IA students embark on their practice journey on the following dates:
12-13 January 2019 - Bronze
12-14 January 2019 - Silver

Good luck and well done on your progress so far!

Dan Givens, PE Teacher