Duke of Edinburgh International Award Expedition

Huge congratulations to 17 of our dedicated students who were joined by 7 students from our sister school in Dubai to brave the desert to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh International Expedition Award.  The students trekked the desert over a period of 2 gruelling days and an overnight camp on the serene dunes.

  • Shayaan Variava
  • Jacob Kenning
  • Nikyakthi Suhas
  • Abdel Rahman el Sherif
  • Dean Al Bakry
  • Cedric Lequex
  • Harshiv Chandra
  • Kian Rowshan
  • Mateja Smitran
  • Ayomide Ojo
  • David Dukov
  • Ibraheem Al Rifai
  • Guillaume Lambrecht
  • Ahmed Rabie
  • Abdullah Abdul Khalek
  • Ankitha Nikesh
  • Tom Halling

One group made a recording of their emotional state as they reached each checkpoint view here…




Ross Wales