Duathlon 2019

The Physical Education Department at BIS Abu Dhabi hosted the annual Duathlon at the school last week. The event was for primary students from Year 1 – Year 6 and participants had to run, cycle and run.

This was the biggest Duathlon with over 200 athletes crossing the finishing line. The event was well-supported by secondary students who volunteered their time to help lead the younger athletes on the running course and assisted in the bike zone.

It was a fantastic event with several students (feeling encouraged by previous years to take part) learning to ride a bike and, using the opportunity to practise for the event by being active with their families over the preceeding weekends.

Congratulations to all students who crossed the finishing line, received a medal and a ‘Goody Bag’.

Outstanding performances and trophies were presented to:

Year 1 Girls:
1st : Ella
2nd : Neve
3rd : Emily

Year 1 Boys:
1st : Indie
2nd : Liam
3rd : Regardt

Year 2 Girls:
1st : Orla
2nd : Rachel
3rd : Hannah

Year 2 Boys:
1st : Yousef
2nd : Saidou
3rd : Oliver

Year 3 Girls:
1st : Zara
2nd : Casy
3rd : Beril

Year 3 Boys:
1st : Freddie
2nd : Naser
3rd : Dash

Year 4 Girls:
1st : Gabrielle
2nd : Georgia
3rd : Meghan

Year 4 Boys:
1st : Jakub
2nd : Yassine
3rd : Cooper

Year 5 Girls:
1st : Sophia
2nd : Seema
3rd : Alyssa

Year 5 Boys:
1st : Oliver
2nd : Raffa
3rd : Joe

Year 6 Girls:
1st : Abigail
2nd : Avery
3rd : Favor

Year 6 Boys:
1st : Victor
2nd : Jago
3rd : Andrea

For more photographs, go to our Facebook Photo Album here.

Gaynor Lowe
Head of Year 10, PE Teacher