Dreams and Ambitions

This week has seen the publication of our cast list for Les Miserables, this year’s school show. Students have been auditioning for the past few weeks and they have now got to find out which part they will be playing.

It is worth thinking about what is going on in these students’ minds now. They have succeeded in gaining a part in the show and they will now have 6 months of preparation. Imagine the many hours they will spend practising and rehearsing and imagine how that builds up over time. They all know that one day in March they will be on stage in front of a full house and the spotlight will be on them, and it is on that day they need to be the very best they can be.

In a similar way, I was lucky enough to be invited to play a volleyball game recently against our Under 15 and Under 13 BSME students. They are training for the BSME games which come up in the next few months and Mr Cochlin prepared a staff team to help give them some extra games and some more challenging opposition. Similar to our actors in Les Miserables, these volleyball players have the date in their minds when they will play against other schools from around the region, and they also wish to perform at their very best on that day.

Whether it is acting or volleyball, or whether it is an upcoming assembly or a project they are working on, students will have short-term and long-term goals in their minds. They have dreams of what they want to achieve and they will have further ambitions of where this leads in the future.

Our world as teachers and as parents puts us in the privileged position of helping children aspire to their dreams and their ambitions. I know all parents will offer full support at home and I hope you are also able to attend all the special events when they come around. There is little more rewarding in life than seeing young people achieve their dreams.

Patrick Horne, Principal