Do you hear the people sing?

The British International School Abu Dhabi is delighted to announce that our next school production will be Les Miserables School Edition!

Following successful musical performances in the past, including Annie in March 2018, the Creative Arts department has decided that the students are ready for a challenge of this magnitude. The announcement has been met with overwhelming excitement by the students.

The production will take place in March 2019 and news will follow about where and when you can buy tickets.

We have a strong, dedicated team of staff and parents who will ensure that this is the biggest and boldest performance the school has ever produced.

If students would like to audition for a main character, they need to see Mr Williams in the Drama studio one break-time this week to register their interest. When the auditions take place, boys will need to sing the song 'Empty Chairs at Empty Table (The Café Song)' and girls will sing 'I Dreamed a Dream'; links to the soundtracks will be given to students at the beginning of next week.

We wish the students all the best as they prepare to amaze you.

Mathew Williams, Head of Creative Arts