Creative Writing Club CCA

During the Term 1 CCA, ten talented students began their writing journey in the Creative Writing Club.

Over the 12 weeks they were able to create, write and even illustrate their own short story books. They developed their characters and crafted intricate and fantastical worlds for their adventures and spooky encounters. The final products ever so impressive that we decide to have a competition to find the top finalists. The competition was tough, however, four finalist prevailed for their originality, creativity, and amazing writing skills. Our four finalists are:

“The Viridian Forest” by Kyeongmin Gooh in Y6A with her lovely illustrations and beautiful penmanship. in Y6C whose creative cliffhanger ending will leave wanting more. The two “Scream Queens” – Khadyja Diop’s “The Curse of Slenderman” (Y5F) and Jadesole Ogunsola’s “Vicious Murder and Other Gory Stories” (Y6D) really impressed with their readings! So prepare to be scared as you can see the video by clicking here.

Creative Writing Club hopes you enjoy our stories and if you do you will be glad to know that there are more to come as the ten writers will be continuing in the Advanced Creative Writer’s Club for term two. Watch this space for more short stories and videos.

Daniela Raykova