BSME U11 2017 - Celebrating our School Community

So, the big event has come and gone. A high intensity cocktail of sporting endeavour, passion and a little bit of chaos. We witnessed:

  • the endeavour of our PTA in their efforts to make the event really special
  • the expertise of our amazing PE team in running the whole show
  • the dedication of all of our support teams (Marketing, IT, Fortune Properties, Keita, Shanawaz transport)
  • the very tangible passion and warmth of our wonderful students and staff
  • The never-say-die resilience of our Team Falcon students

Those who were there will never forget it.

For those who weren’t there here is my personal highlight:

**Opening Ceremony **Thursday 2nd March

The teams all arrived and were shepherded into the Sports Academy Gym, unaware that outside the whole of the primary school were gathered on the field with banners, flags and pompoms at the ready.

Each team was then announced and entered the playing field to a cacophony of wild celebration. Every player and coach initially surprised and then delighted at the welcome…..and then happily astounded to realise that amongst the banners on display were many supporting their own schools.

A fantastic performance from The Addams Family production band, a warm welcome from Mr Wolfe and then the moment that really captured the essence of our school….

Our FS1 children were assembled closet to the visiting teams and acting impulsively, one small group of five-year olds took the banners that they had made in class that week, over to the team that they were supporting. The team were dumbfounded and delighted.

You’re supporting us?! You’ve got our flag!

Hugs, cheers and huge smiles followed as more and more groups, emboldened by the gesture went over to greet our guests. I’ve been to quite a few Opening Ceremonies in my time but never one in which the positivity and generosity of spirit has been quite so palpable.

This continued throughout the day with Primary and Secondary students and staff raising the roof with their enthusiastic support of our own Team Falcon and our guest teams.

The ensuing days were witness to a whole gamut of emotions in a real rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, disasters and ultimately, triumphs.

Throughout the whole event however, there was one constant.

The resilience, character and authenticity of our wonderful school community.

Many of you will be familiar with the adage:

“Sport doesn’t build character, it reveals it.”

If this is so, then the BSME Games gave our school community the opportunity to reveal a character truly worthy of celebrating.

Thank you to all involved16864717_1220374611411608_4902953140190670791_n 16999094_1220380108077725_2415480252085682591_n