BSME Dance: Year 6 - Year 9

BSME Dance 2019

Last week 12 students from Year 6 – 9 represented The British International School Abu Dhabi at the second BSME Dance Invitational, hosted by Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. The festival allows students to meet other students from across the UAE and the Middle East who have a desire to dance. Students experience several workshops in different dance styles led by professional dance artists. This year saw the return of the popular Nader Musharbash. Nadar has worked with world famous artists such as Rita Ora, Beyonce and Pink as well as major TV productions: X Factor UK, BRIT Awards and MTV Awards. Nadar brought his Hip Hop chorography for students to learn along with his intense approach to movement perfection.

Lana Goliath, a South African born dancer and teacher with training in African Contemporary dance, brought a dynamic and enthusiastic workshop for the students to be physically pushed, gaining knowledge in a new dance style.

Heather Howard, a ballet, tap and jazz teacher at the Body Tree has danced professionally with the WBNA Dance Team, Walt Disney World in Orlando and has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City and with the Moscow Ballet Company. Students enjoyed her Musical Theatre workshop.

Felicity Henderson, an Australian dancer and actor has been working professionally for the last 10 years. Felicity started her professional career in Bollywood and then onto Princess Cruise Lines followed by other touring opportunities in China and other parts of Asia. Felicity delivered a Commercial Jazz workshop which incorporated many styles of jazz and some hip hop. This was an energetic workshop fusing techniques and allowing students to offer a personal response.

Lisa Whitfield has trained in a variety of dance styles and comes with a wealth of experience from world dance styles. Students will have remembered Lisa from last year when she delivered a Hula workshop. This year Lisa offered a calm, elegant and graceful workshop in Ballet.

The BSME Dance festival allows students to collaborate creatively in the build up to the event on a given theme. This year the title ‘Sands of Time’ Footprints on the sands of time are not made by siting down was the stimulus for the BIS Abu Dhabi Senior Dance Company. The students explored carbon footprints, quicksand, the idea of being pushed and pulled, with a shadow hovering behind and a sense of not being able to breath clean air. The final performance accumulated all schools showcasing their responses from the given theme.

The BIS Abu Dhabi students were amazing in all aspects of the festival. They worked hard during each workshop with dedication and a commitment to learning the movement material event when it was in a style that was challenging. They were respectful, kind and considerate. Their presence and attentive nature on stage in all rehearsals was mentioned on numerous occasions by the lead practitioners. Their final performance of the chorography that BIS Abu Dhabi had taken to the festival was outstanding, clear choreography linking to the theme of the festival, attention to detail, timing and drama including a super lift was performed with perfection. The dancers looked amazing in the costumes, which had been supported by the kindness of the PTA.

The students are looking forward to sharing their success with a performance in assemblies and at the annual Dance show towards the end of the academic year.

Gaynor Heptinstall - Lowe
Head of Year 10
Physical Education Teacher and Dance Specialist