Box Appeal

Students Sara (6E), Emily (6B) and Kaitlyn (Year 7) write about the upcoming Box Appeal taking place at BIS over the next few weeks:

*Each class will get a box to fill with items (list is down below) that will be donated to the U.A.E labourers. We hope lots of teachers, parents and students will be able to participate in putting smiles on labourers faces! *

On Monday 2nd of October boxes will be available to the classes so you can donate the items down below. If needed classes will receive extra boxes for the donation. It is essential for the labourers  to have these items because they deserve what we have. (We look forwards to seeing your donations and sending them off by 15th October.)

**BOX APPEAL – **Annual Carlson Rezidor Box Appeal Campaign – The Box Appeal 2016 is a charity campaign that is aiming to help more than 10,000 labourers across the UAE with essential every day necessities.

Each class has a box which needs to be filled with everyday essentials such as:

1.  T-Shirt

2.  Cap

3.  Disposable Razor

4.  Shaving Cream

5.  Deodorant

6.  Talcum powder

7.  Toothbrush

8.  Toothpaste

9.  Small Hand Towels

  1. Comb

  2. Antibacterial Soap

  3. Shampoo