BIS Awards

I am very pleased to be able to inform everyone that BIS Abu Dhabi has been nominated and shortlisted for the British International School Awards 2017.

These awards are coordinated by The British International Schools magazine with the support of a number of leading educational institutions and sponsors. They are open to all British International Schools from around the world with categories of awards for different aspects of school life. BIS Abu Dhabi has been shortlisted for Teaching Initiative of The Year.

We are obviously very proud to be recognised for achievements at such a significant event. Furthermore, I am particularly pleased that it is a nomination with regard to achievements in teaching. We have a wonderful team of teachers here who encompass all aspects of the role: from expert subject knowledge and teaching skills, to the commitment and passion to ensure the well-being of every child in their care. Their ongoing dedication to the job is a tremendous asset for our school.

The initiative we have been nominated for is related to the professional development of teachers. It is essential that teachers are always looking to develop their skills and our programme here involves all teachers working collaboratively to undertake their own professional research and then sharing outcomes at our Learning Symposium for the benefit of all their colleagues. This programme ensures our teachers are constantly striving to improve and thereby constantly enhancing the lessons and the education for every child.

The Awards Ceremony will be held in London in January. Whether we receive the final award or not, it a very special achievement to be acknowledged alongside many of the leading international schools across the world.