BIS Abu Dhabi's Healthy Recipe Book

BIS Abu Dhabi has recently been involved in the World’s Largest Lesson hosted through UNICEF and the United Nations in New York. As part of this, we have been challenged to develop thinking and action towards creating a more sustainable world. We believe that sustainability is a huge issue not only for our students but also for our community, and so we would like to get everyone involved in thinking and acting upon sustainable issues.

Our big focus is on the Sustainable Development Goal of 'Health and Wellbeing' and with our students we have a plan to bring a healthier world to BIS Abu Dhabi. To make our plan a reality, we would like families and groups to send us a recipe of their favourite healthy meals. We hope to use your recipes and knowledge to produce a recipe book for students and their families that encourages a healthy diet.

All you need to do is fill in the easy-to-follow steps below. You can do this as a family or as an individual student or parent. The only rule is that the recipe must be healthy and you should try to consider whether the ingredients are easy to purchase in the UAE so that we are considerate of our environmental impact. We would love to represent as many nationalities as we can from our school so please get creative and inspired!

  1. Click the link to complete the following form with all the details of your recipe: Recipe Template
  2. Email the completed form to (please write in the subject line; family name & year group/s). The closing date to submit will be 31st January 2018.

We look forward to reading and trying out all your wonderful recipes.