Message from the Principal: Be Inquisitive

May I firstly welcome all our students and their families back to the British International School Abu Dhabi for the start of a new term. It has been great to see everyone back and full of energy to start classes again.

I would also like to extend a special welcome to all the new families who have joined the school this week. I am sure they have realised what a welcoming place BIS Abu Dhabi is already. It is always a priority for us that new students can very quickly feel happy and comfortable in their new environment and they can then achieve great learning straight away.

A new term and a new year: 2018. A new year is often the time for resolutions when we seek to set ourselves new aspirations. My own personal resolution is one that I always strive for but need reminders occasionally: to read more! Whether fact or fiction, nothing beats reading a book.

I would like to leave a suggestion for all our students for a resolution for their new term: Be Inquisitive. In this age of so many screens and different sources of information and entertainment, children can lose that natural talent for inquisitiveness. They can find it all too easy to be passive and just wait for the next piece of entertainment to wash over them.

Whether at school or at home, the more we can do to encourage students to be inquisitive, the more this will help them develop their minds, their knowledge and their learning skills. Being inquisitive about any aspect of the world around you can only lead to more exciting and interesting areas of exploration.

Our students are amazing. Let’s make sure they don’t lose their passions amongst the iPads and Xboxes. Be Inquisitive!