Art Studio: Year 8 Taking Creative Risks

Year 8 students have been inspired by the abstract painter Larry Poons over the past couple of weeks. As their Formal Elements of Art & Design unit comes to a close, they have had the opportunity to explore some of those elements expressively; where line, tone, colour, pattern and texture can all be embraced in an abstract piece of artwork.

Being a ‘risk taker’ is one of the IB Learner Profile characteristics and it was great to see our students take a break from the focus and determination required to refine their accurate drawing skills and to take some creative risks whilst being playful with their artwork. Being a ‘risk taker’ may sometimes be associated with recklessness. It’s worth perhaps expanding that definition to consider how being a ‘risk taker’ can also and perhaps more importantly, be associated with challenging ourselves in unfamiliar circumstances, persevering when we fear we may not be any good, or when there is no guarantee of success.

We look forward to seeing all our Year 8 students continue to develop their courage and determination, applying and honing their drawing and creative skills this academic year. We know that it is these characteristics, that will enable them to enter Year 9 with every creative confidence.

Laura Funnell
7F Tutor, Visual Arts Teacher & Secondary Service Coordinator