Anti-Bullying Focus

This month, the whole school is doing its bit to tackle and confront bullying. We know that being a victim of bullying is something no one wants to be, so in order to keep our school a bully-free zone, we are making sure that we are united in our approach!

Throughout the month of January, school assemblies and philosophy sessions are just two of the ways in which we are highlighting how students can effectively resolve any problems. Furthermore, the school’s ‘Do the High 5 Approach’ is a great way of reminding all the children what to do should they be a victim.

In the secondary school, students will have the opportunity to explore some of these issues in discussions during their morning registration time and lessons across the curriculum will focus on this really important theme.

To finish the month, each year group in the Primary school will be putting their own display together as an ongoing reminder that bullying is not welcome here at BIS Abu Dhabi.

View BIS Anti-Bullying Poster